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Our ESD workbench system
What are your standard colors?
What about optional colors?
Do you take custom workbench orders?
Do you handle custom sizes?
How tough is the Chemical Resistant laminate?
How long does it take to ship my workbenches?
What does it cost to ship?
How are these packaged for shipping?
Is it hard to assemble the benches?
What is the best work surface height for me?

What is included with your ESD workbench system?

Our ESD anti-static workbench systems include 2 grounding lugs, 2 wrist strap jacks, 2 green grounding wires and Nevamar™ ESD laminate. All table tops come standard with our internal 5-sided system connecting all ESD laminate sections. Wrist straps not included.
See BenchPro's ESD Workbench System Page

What are your Standard Colors?

Tops: White, black, beige or gray Formica laminate.
Frames and accessories: Cardinal™ gloss white, black, beige or gray.
Click here to see available bench top and frame paint colors.

What about Optional Colors?

You may specify other table top laminate colors for a one time per order charge of $60, plus $10 per bench.
You may specify other frame colors for a one time per order charge of $90.
Click here to see available bench top and frame paint colors.

Do you take Custom Workbench Orders?

BenchPro™, our manufacturer, has the capacity to make virtually any workbench product from wood and steel. They can also use any Nevamar™ laminate, and powder paint in any Cardinal™ color. Chrome, brass, zinc plating also available. Custom orders generally take one or two weeks extra, depending on size, availability of materials and complexity.

Do you handle Custom Sizes?

Need longer? Because longer means weaker we recommend multiple benches be used for lengths greater than 10' feet.
Need extra deep work surface? Series K offers our deepest benches, with table tops up to 60" deep. See K-Series bench.

How long does it Take to Ship my workbenches?

The following are estimated time-frames, depending on what accessories you add.

K Series


Item Type

Shipping Time


Benches with options

1-3 bus. days


Benches with options

3-7 bus. days


Benches with options

7-15 bus. days

100 +

Benches with options

15-20 bus. days

D Series: 3 to 10 business days for up to quantity of 25, depending on what accessories you add and quantity ordered. For higher quantities, please ask.

Drop-shipped from Tecate, CA.

Ship transit times are from 1 to 4 business days, depending on your location. See Transit Times Map for your specific location.

What does it Cost to Ship?

Your workbench quotation will include the price of shipping the product to your location. This freight quote is based on the size, weight, and freight classification of the shipment, and reflects the maximum discounts available to BenchPro as a large shipper.
Sometimes our larger customers receive even larger discounts, and can request that we use their carrier.

How are these Packaged for shipping?

Series K and Series D are both packaged flat (disassembled) in 6" high cartons. These cartons have internal bumper strips to protect the edges of the tops, plus the corners have additional edge protectors. The individual boxes are placed on pallets, and are strapped down securely. We make each pallet 4" longer and wider than the benches, so the carriers can't bump the benches around too easily.

Is it hard to Assemble the benches?

What is the best work Surface Height for me?

You can order your benches at any height you wish without incurring additional cost, or select the lowest height you believe useful and add either our optional adjustable legs, our electric lift system or our crank-up system.

We have seen orders for almost every work surface height. Some Customers want to sit down and work, others want to stand. Here are some thoughts that may be of assistance:

How tough is the Chemical Resistant laminate?

We use ChemArmor laminate from Nevamar. This laminate provides resistance to acids/bases, solvents, stains, indicators and general reagents. It is ideal for interior horizontal surfaces in laboratories, healthcare facilities, schools, photo processing, forensic labs and more.

ChemArmor offers chemical resistance with outstanding abrasion resistance, and has outstanding heat and impact resistance, too. In fact, it is the toughest laminate available today. Tests prove ChemArmor laminate from Nevamar has outstanding chemical resistance, plus significantly better NEMA wear value than competitive laminates. It all adds up to laminates that keep looking new longer in even the harshest environments.

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