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KroyTech Workbenches sells the best professional, industrial grade workbench systems at the best prices in the industry. Our goal is to give you, our customers, the best workbench equipment at the lowest prices. We are located in sunny South Florida and our principle manufacturer, BenchPro, is located in sunny Southern California. All of our workbench products are shipped directly from BenchPro in California.


We started out as KroyTech Computer Services in 1999 servicing businesses in the South Florida area. I, Kroy Ellis, am the Owner/General Manager of KroyTechLLC which owns both dbas. I and my network of computer technicians and engineers are experienced with maintaining safe ESD environments and procedures, and the need for high quality ESD-safe equipment. Components, workstations, or servers can be seriously damaged and rendered inoperable or the entire contents of hard or SSD drives or other electronic data storage media corrupted by one humanly undetectable low-voltage static event. ESD safety is vitally important in computer and electronics service and repair.

In 2003 I was providentially led to assist a company in liquidating their warehouse stock of used equipment and furniture, including over 100 used Production Basics™ workbenches along with some benches from various other manufacturers. I studied the products, set up a website for the company and handled the sales for them. Numerous companies bought the workbenches in various quantities from 1 to 30 at a time. In about six months they were gone.


Having exhausted the supply of used workbenches, I began researching workbench manufacturers to determine which ones made the best quality workbenches at the lowest possible prices. I studied numerous workbench sources, manufacturer websites and data in depth. It appeared that BenchPro™ had what I was looking for. They had the best product for most companies' needs at prices that were well below any others for the quality they advertised. I performed intensive research into BenchPro and their products, including their values and ethics, environmental standards, treatment of factory employees, quality standards, growth and a number of other issues. I studied their ESD system, testing procedures and the product itself.

Most of what I found went beyond my expectations, and I am not easy to please. I am detail oriented and picky. Where I felt there were issues that could be improved, BenchPro was quick to consider my suggestions and implement some of them. I found BenchPro to be very responsive, innovative, ahead of competitors in their quality and workbench system design and found that they were and are constantly evaluating and improving the design of their products.

BenchPro builds their products to meet all related ANSI/ESDA and federal GSA standards. Additionally, BenchPro's stock workbench products consistently meet or exceed the standards of those coming from ISO certified manufacturers. This has been verified by our customers who have purchased and done their own testing of products from both sources.

I found the quality and solid construction of BenchPro's workbenches and accessories to considerably exceed those I had been selling (and they were very good), except for the attractiveness of the drawer style -- something I have been working on BenchPro about. (Done!)

Open for Business

In 2003, after finding that all of my requirements were more than met by BenchPro and their product, we became a reseller and began taking orders. KroyTech, LLC dba KroyTech Workbenches was formed in 2006.

We have repeatedly received thrilled responses from our customers on the quality of our product and the excellent customer service we provide. Popular stand-alone items have been BenchPro's tops and drawer systems. Many companies have been obtaining these for installation on benches from other manufacturers. The quality of BenchPro's industrial workbench accessories is outstanding and unsurpassed by any manufacturer.

What We Do for You

KroyTech sells BenchPro's entire line of workbenches and accessories exclusively because of their high quality and low price. We know BenchPro's workbench systems and technology (in addition to several others'), and have sold thousands of BenchPro workbench systems to hundreds of companies, large and small, across the United States. We have developed in-house software to enable us to manage the entire process of selling to and serving our customers in high volume.

We at KroyTech go out of our way and over the top to take care of our workbench customers, no matter what the size of your order, from 1 to 100s of workbench systems. We get to know your business and assist you in putting together the best workbench solution for your needs. We work closely with BenchPro to provide the best combination of quality, support and customer service. BenchPro stands behind their product with their comprehensive long-term warranty and we support our customers with the finest sales and support anywhere. That is why our customers keep coming back for more. See our customer page for a sample of some of our customers and some unsolicited comments about us and our product. We give personal, individual attention to every customer.

Bottom line -- We provide you with the best workbench systems and equipment at the lowest prices with top-notch customer service for as long as you need it. Drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer at a discount.

Ask for a Quote

Ask for a quote and you will see the difference between us and everyone else. Need help deciding what to buy? Call me, Kroy Ellis, at 954-946-8539. I will help you come up with the best solution for your needs at the best possible price.

KroyTech LLC
dba KroyTech Workbenches
An authorized BenchPro/Bench Depot reseller & representative
4550 NW 18th Ave No. 205
Deerfield Beach, FL 33064-1066 USA
Phone: Kroy Ellis 954-946-8539

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9 am to 8 pm Eastern Time
Saturday 11 am to 5 pm Eastern Time

DUNS #100948913 CAGE code: 4L3P5

A+ rated with Better Business Bureau

KroyTech and KroyTech Workbenches are a trademark of KroyTech LLC. BenchPro is a trademark of BenchPro, Inc. Production Basics is a trademark of Production Basics, Inc.

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